Prestige de Calvet Bordeaux 2011

prestige&calvet (338 x 600)France 12.5%

Repeat visit to this Prestige de Calvet  Bordeaux  for me, not because it’s a great wine it just happened to be near the front of my rack and I wanted an inexpensive (it was at the time of buying , around £5)  wine to accompany my evening meal.

Last time I drank this straight from the bottle (although not literally !)  this time I poured a large glass and left it for an hour or so before drinking.  It’s a 80/20 % blend of  Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and  in the glass it was a very dark with an OK nose of dark fruits, mainly black currants, with a whiff of smokiness.  Looking back at my previous notes I mentioned that it was hard to distinguish much aroma wise and this was again the case.

After first opening the bottle the taste was a little tart with just a hint of sweetness but after a while left in the glass it softened to a much more palatable and enjoyable drink. Medium bodied perhaps a little thin but easy to drink and not unpleasant, still with characteristics of a Bordeaux. There was some oaky vanilla and spice and overall  it was a smooth enjoyable drink.

One definitely to consider but only when on offer.


My Rating 7/10 Corks   Tesco & Various around £8

4 thoughts on “Prestige de Calvet Bordeaux 2011

  1. Have just had a bottle of 2010 prestige de Calvert, very unusual colour , very dark for a pancetta wine more the colour of dark cider is whisky!
    The taste sweetish to start then acidic at sides back of tongue very unusual but very pleasant I served it with home made stuffed pork fillet with baby leek, sun dried tomatoes and camenbert with hint of tarragon wrapped in pancetta .
    Have to say the whole thing wine and food was delicious .

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  2. Hi Melanie
    Thanks for your comments, as I mentioned above I thought this was ok wine if not being anything special, left to open up a little it did improve but a little thin tasting for me but I’ve had a lot worse.

    By the way the Pork sounds lovely !


    1. Thanks for your reply Dave, It looked like it should have been a dessert wine with the colour very strange but did go with the pork! Which was my creation and was lovely…Melanie


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