The Society’s Southern Spanish Red 2012

society Jumilla(450 x 600)Jumilla, Spain, home to the richly flavoured Monastrell (aka Mourvedre) and the primary grape in this bottle of Southern Spanish Red Monastrell 2012 from the Wine Society.

The tasting notes that accompany the bottle (nice touch from the Wine Society) tell us that it’s from a relatively new family run Juan Gil Bodega who released their first vintage in 2003. The bottle in question is a entry level Spanish Monastrell and at £5.50, pretty cheap.


The first thing I would say after the initial taste is that this is nothing like a £5 bottle you might find on the supermarket shelf, this is very impressive and I must say a bit of a bargain.

When poured this is lighter than I expected with a rusty brownish tinge, aromas of sweet fleshy plums jump out of the glass along with bonfire ash (nicer smell than it sounds). I’ve drunk a lot of Monastrell lately especially on a recent visit to Murcia, Spain and on first tasting this is on a par with most of the wines there.

Taste – Sweet ripe plums, earthy and a little rustic, not particularly complex but it has good balance and a rough elegance about it but overall it’s very very drinkable.
This was my first bottle from a recent mixed ( 6 bottle) case order from the Wine Society, although mixed with four other Spanish reds, a German Riesling and a Corbieres.

It’s a pretty good start and a good first impression of the Wine Society itself which I only joined a few weeks ago, let’s hope it continues.

7.5corksMy rating 7.5/10 Corks

Wine Society £5.50 a bottle

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