Dolcetto D’Asti 2012

M&S dolcetto DAsti(450 x 600)Italy 13%

Like old clapped out Fiat of thirty years ago this is one Italian I’m afraid, that just doesn’t work properly. The label on the bottle claims it’s a ‘gorgeous red bursting with mouth filling fruitiness’, well for me, not quite, especially after the initial taste in which I would more accurately describe it as ‘ Simple everyday red, bursting with tart really sour fruit and mouth puckering tannins’.

Ok, it’s not that bad, not a wine I could drink on its own though, it really does need food to enjoy this and with a plate of pasta, tomato sauce and pork meatballs it kind of worked, especially after chilling the bottle for around half an hour in the fridge.

In the glass it looked pretty good, surprisingly dark in colour, with quite a whiff of dark cherries and liquorice.
The first initial sip although fresh tasting was of very sour red fruits, noticeable tannins and caused me to pull a slightly screwed up face. It was bursting with sour cherries and blueberries and it’s and in some respects it’s meant to have that sharp dry taste but it was a little bit too acidic and tart for me.

But wait, after a mouthful of meatballs and pasta the wine took on a new dimension and it complemented the food very nicely, the sharp acidity worked brilliantly with the tomato sauce and I ended up sort of enjoying it.

At £6.99 pretty much what it’s worth, not brilliant but not that bad either, a wine to drink with food to really get the best out of it.

5.5 corksMy Rating 5.5/10 Corks

M&S £6.99

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