Blason down the sink

BlasonFrance 12.5%

Ever started a book and struggle through the opening pages only to eventually give up after reading much more than you should have done.

I used to but with millions of books out there if what I’m reading doesn’t hold my interest within a few pages I move on to the next one, why waste your time with something you’re not enjoying, life’s too short to read a bad book.

Life’s definitely too short to drink bad wine, although wine maybe slightly different in that you can’t pass it on or donate it to a charity shop, it’s either persevere or tip it down the sink. Thankfully I haven’t had to do this very often but I have and this is such an occasion.

The bottle in question is the ‘Blason de Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise Pinot Noir 2012’, bought at half price and during a recent 25% off six bottles promotion, luckily it amounted to a cheap bottle of wine.

I won’t dwell too long on why I didn’t like it only to say that it lacked any kind of nose, it was thin, watery, slightly bitter and lacked any sort of flavour, maybe it was just a bad bottle, who knows so Glug, Glug, Glug it went down the sink, as the Late Ian Drury said ‘What a Waste’.

Hey, it’s only my opinion, you may well enjoy it but………………

3.5 corksMy Rating 3.5/10 Corks

Morrisons around £9.99

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