Another Ripper from Tim Adams

Timadams riesling 2011(450 x 600)Australia 11%

A chilled bottle of Tim Adams Riesling has been sitting in my fridge now for a while, just my luck when I finally decided to have it with lunch the weather changes, the temperature drops and the heavens open but from the minute I twisted the cap and poured the first glass full I could have been transported to the other side of the world, sitting having lunch in a Clare Valley vineyard in brilliant sunshine.

In the glass, very, I mean very pale colour with a lively and very inviting aroma of predominantly lemon and apples but still with a hint of petrol.

Taste wise, Very dry, zingy, crisp and steely, with refined acidity. As well as lemons there was a bit more tropical fruit flavour noticeable and at 11% it was very easy, perhaps a little too easy to drink.

This really was a pretty decent Aussie wine from the ever reliable Tim Adams, to be honest I’ve not really tasted a bad wine from Tim and having met the man himself at various wine tastings it’s evident how passionate and proud he is about his wines and rightly so.

Good on ya Tim !

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Various around £9

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