Wolf Blass Silver Label Chardonnay 2013

wolfblasschardonnay(450 x 600)Australia 13%

Walk down any supermarket wine aisle and you will see the bright Red and Yellow labels of the unmistakeable Wolf Blass wines, these are the more popular due to their good value, other label colours include Silver, Gold, Grey, Brown , Black and the ultimate Platinum.

On a recent supermarket bargain hunt I spotted a Wolf Blass Silver label Chardonnay at a very good discounted price of £6 (normally retailing for around £12.99). I don’t tend to buy a lot of Wolf Blass but the ones I have tasted in the past have always been on the whole, enjoyable.

So after a few days and with a meal of Sea Bass fried potatoes and veg on the menu it was time to open the fridge (the wine fridge that is, in the shed) and rummage through the chilled bottles for an appropriate selection and I decided on the WB 2013 Silver Label Chardonnay.

In the glass it was a pale straw like colour with maybe a tinge of green, sticking my nose in the glass there were aromas of ripe citrus fruit including pineapple, banana and custard, really was an enticing smell.

Taking a sip there was a flintiness with sharp zesty flavours of ripe tropical fruits, although the tasting notes I’ve seen for this suggested subtle oak, I thought there was a hefty kick of vanilla and it had a creaminess about it and a complexity that made it stand out.

It complemented the Sea Bass brilliantly and ended up being a really enjoyable drink with food, maybe this is a food wine but I could quite happily drink this on its own, you may not agree if you don’t like in your face slightly intense Chardonnay, for me though this was pretty decent and at £6 what’s not to like.

7.5corksMy Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Various around £12

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