Pizarras de Otero Bierzo 2011

Bierzo Otero2011(450 x 600)Spain 14%

First discovered the Bierzo region of North West Spain a few years back when on holiday touring the north following the Camino route to Santiago de Compostela although I must stress this was done on a coach staying in government backed Parador hotels not on foot or bike travelling hundreds of miles.

This is where I discovered the Mencia grape and my favourite Spanish white Godello.

So finding a reasonably priced Bierzo wine here is a real treat and this particular bottle brought back memories of sitting in a sleepy Spanish town bar eating wonderful Tapas and drinking cheap but great tasting wine.

This 2011 Pizarras de Otero is one of the new wave of brilliant Spanish wines that are now widely available. Dark, brooding, aromatic and 14% alcohol this wine is not for the faint hearted. After an initial taste I decided to leave this to the air for a couple of hours before drinking and it seemed to soften slightly.

Looking at the wine in the glass it has a deep purple colour but it’s when you stick your nose in the glass this is where it comes alive, powerful aromas of dark ripe cherries, blackberries and a big hit of meaty savouriness with smells of bacon fat and liver all in a good way.

Taste wise, again Rich cherries, dark chocolate, liquorice and spices. A little on the tannic side and some spices in the background. This tastes like a big wine and the 14% is noticeable.

Although this wine is rich, it does taste remarkably fresh, and mouth wateringly juicy and I really liked it, made by the excellent Bodegas Martin Codax.

If you haven’t tried the Mencia grape treat yourself to this, hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

8.5corksMy Rating 8.5/10 Corks

Majestic £9.99 (offer £7.49)

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