Morrisons Riesling Auslese Mosel 2012

Morrisons riesling 2012Germany 8%

I’ll keep this review short, my son picked this up for me while shopping in Morrisons, not really knowing what he was buying only that he knows I like Riesling and more importantly it was on special offer. The bottle itself is fairly non-descript and the wine although fairly one dimensional and simple it was surprisingly enjoyable.

This was supposed to be semi sweet and it was, you really needed to drink this well chilled as it started to get a little sickly and cloying as it got warmer. Looked nice enough in the glass fairly bright straw like colour with a nose of honey and lemons but in the background if you took a big enough sniff there was a hint of puncture repair kit.

When really cold, first sip was very pleasant, a mouthful of sherbet lemons hits you first along with apricots and maybe some peach. It was fairly sweet but it didn’t feel to sickly especially really cold and it was nice and light on alcohol coming in at 8%.

Overall, nice enough, easy to drink, nothing complex, nothing to really dislike about it unless you don’t like wines on the sweet side. I don’t know how much my son paid for it but knowing him and the bargain hunter he is it must have been fairly cheap but it was an nice gesture and it was an ok simple wine.

6corksMy Rating 6/10 Corks

2 thoughts on “Morrisons Riesling Auslese Mosel 2012

  1. Hi Ivorfan/spikedc/David! I’m Keynshamwine/Andrew and I’ve just joined TescoWC having been put onto it by Saunderss who I’ve just started working with. It seems we’ll be meeting next week at the Jacob’s Creek dinner in London as we were both lucky enough to win a place at the table… sounds like it will be a great evening! I looked at your profile which led me to your blog – very good. Reading this review made me wonder if you’d tried their Austrian Gruner Veltliner – Niederosterreich 2013. Crisp & clean with intense aromas and good fruit – well worth the £6.99 asking price, was in the Observer’s ‘Top wines under a tenner’ this Christmas. Look forward to meeting you next week!


    1. Hi Andrew, Thanks, Hope you enjoy being part of the TWC it’s a great community, lots of taste panels and both myself and Steve have been lucky enough to be invited to some brilliant event and dinners and met some fantastic people including other members of the community.
      I’ll look out for the Gruner Veltliner sounds good.
      Looking forward to meeting up with you and the others next Thursday I’m sure it will be good (always has been , so far).
      Say hello to Steve from me, top man.


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