Serabel Vacqueyras Lidl Beauty

Serabel Vacueyras France 13.5%

After hearing a lot of good things about wines being sold at Lidl’s, I decided to try a few out even though I had to travel around seven  miles for my nearest store. This is the first of six bottles I bought from their premium range which included mostly French bottles and I must say what a great start.

This is a Southern Rhone blend of Grenache around 60%, Syrah 20% and Mourevedre 20%  made in the shadow of Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas. The bottle was impressive and very heavy with its embossed crossed keys and Vacqueyras, very stylish. When poured, it was a dark ruby colour with a tinge of rustiness around the edges.

Beautiful nose of blackberries, dark cherries, smokey bonfire and forest earth. There was a dark fruit sweetness in the mouth which turned into a slightly bitter finish. Although rustic it still had a kind of elegance and smoothness but with a hefty kick of spices, smokey and noticeable tannins.

This was a delight which improved with time in the glass and for around £8 well worth the money. Found it hard but kept a little back for tomorrow to see how it holds up, my expectations are high.

I just hope the other bottles I bought live up to this but as I said earlier this was a fabulous start to my Lidl adventure and this Vacqueyras comes highly recommended.


8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Lidl stores around £8.99

2 thoughts on “Serabel Vacqueyras Lidl Beauty

  1. I like the sound of this wine Dave, I’ll seek it out. I already have a bottle of the Cubist in my rack, following your review, not had a suitable chance to try it yet.


    1. Hi Andrew,
      Bought this a few months ago, not been back to Lidl’s recently so don’t know if they still stock it, if they do though definately worth a purchase


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