Hambledon Classic Cuvée

Hambledon sparklingSome may say who needs Champagne when we have Sparking wine in this country as good as this. I have sampled a few English wines mostly a tastings and events, notably Nyetimber and Chapel Down and both are very good but it’s not until I tasted this particular bottle that I sat up and realised that the Brits do make some pretty decent sparkling wines.

This wine is made in the south downs, Hampshire, the Hambledon vineyard was established in 1952 and bought by Ian Kellett in 1999.

My daughters boyfriend brought this Hambledon Classic Cuvée around for us all to try, having never tasted English bubbles before. I was only too happy to open it up as I was very keen to try it as well.

When poured, this was extremely fizzy with a lively mousse, when it settled the bubbles were very fine and constant. Fairly darkish golden colour with a nose of ripe apples and pears with a hint of biscuit and brioche. On first taste this was taut and refreshingly tart, full of citrus fruits, a little bready but with a lovely creaminess on the finish, which lasted.

There was a small drop left which we finished the next day and both my wife and I thought it was even better, with it still retaining some fizz and bubbles, still with that refreshing acidity but with a much more creamy taste.

So did we enjoy it ? a resounding yes and on the strength of this bottle I plan to visit Hambledon vineyard when the weather gets better, looking forward to it already.



My Rating 8/10 Corks

Around £29

2 thoughts on “Hambledon Classic Cuvée

  1. Sounds good Dave, not had that one either. Think the French made a major move the other week – they’d already bought up small parcels of land in Sussex/Kent but I believe a major champagne house recently purchased an English vineyard lock, stock and oak barrel. I grew up in Seaford, Sussex and 3 miles from there is what is destined to become a major fizz producer. They plan to produce 1m bottles a year – Google ‘Rathfinny Estate’ and you can read all about it.
    Cheers, Andrew.


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