Two Spanish Bobals and a Rhone Valley red

Asda BobalBeen a while now since I drank a wine that disappointed me and unfortunately this was the case with this Spanish offering from Asda’s ‘Wine Atlas’ range, which I must say on the whole have been very good.

Although a lot of people may not have heard of Bobal, surprisingly it’s the third most planted grape in Spain behind Airen (white grape) and Tempranillo. Bobal is a dark-skinned grape grown in south-east Spain just outside the city of Valencia, generally  at its best the wine is very dark in colour with bright fresh juicy acidity, chewy tannins and a little spiciness.

This particular bottle had very little in the way of aroma, very hard to pick out anything of note, the taste was better, very bright dark forest fruits, lots of acidity and a slight smokiness but it just left me thinking this tastes like a £4.97 wine, nothing wrong with it but comparing it to other Bobals I’ve had in the past it fell short. As I said earlier, this is by no means typical of their ‘Wine Atlas’ range as most of what I have tasted so far has been very good.

Vox BobalNow a better barometer for what Bobal should taste like is the Vox Populi 2012 a big and tannnic beast from Majestic, although nearly twice the price and a heady 14% ABV it’s well worth the extra. This is a dark ruby colour in the glass with a baked and sweet nose, a little smokey ash. Taste wise dark fruits, nice balanced acidity, slightly liquorice, a spicy finish and noticeable tannins.

Before I finish I must return to Asda and praise them for a wine I picked up a few weeks ago for a bargain price of £4.37, it was the ‘Grignan -les- Adhemar’ by Cellier des Dauphins a lovely blend of Grenache and Syrah in a very elegant bottle.


Very drinkable with a smokey nose and flavours of ripe dark berries, subtle tannins, sweet vanilla with a lovely peppery finish. For the price this is a serious bargain and still £4.37 at the moment (standard price £8.50), so grab a few bottles whilst still on offer.

Asda – Wine Atlas Bobal  £4.97

Majestic – Vox Populi  £8.99 on multi buy

Asda – Grignan les Adhemar £4.37



6corksAsda ‘Wine Atlas’ Bobal

My Rating 6/10 corks




Majestic ‘Vox Populi’

My Rating 8/10 Corks



Asda ‘Grignan les de Adhemar’

My Rating 8/10 Corks