Les Hauts Castelmaure Corbieres 2009

Rummaging through my wines I came across this Corbieres which I must have bought a few years ago and forgot about so, I thought it’s about time I opened it.

Corbieres, not a wine I drink a lot of but when I do I always enjoy it and this bottle was no different. I think I bought it at Majestic maybe six or seven years ago, can’t remember how much it cost, maybe around £8-£9.

For those that don’t know Corbieres is a fairly rustic wine which most times tends to get a raw deal. Usually a blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah and you can just imagine drinking this with a hunk of bread and some cheese, which I can say from experience pairs very well.

When I first poured in the glass it showed a slightly rusty colour from a little ageing with very pronounced aromas of ripe dark fruits, smoke and peat. Taste wise again ripe dark fruits namely black plums, vanilla and very earthy with a smokiness about it. A little on the sweet side but not overly but still retaining a brightness of fruit.

Really do like Corbieres,  I must make a mental note to drink more of it, a good honest enjoyable bottle.

My Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Various around £9

One thought on “Les Hauts Castelmaure Corbieres 2009

  1. Great review as always. Very jealous that you managed to ‘forget’ about this wine for 6 or 7 years. On the few occasions I’ve done this I have almost always been disappointed.

    My own experience with Corbieres is mixed. As you say it can be quite rustic in a rural ‘village’ wine sort of way – lacking refinement. I generally avoid it. However, in France this summer I bought a bottle – perhaps the cheapest bottle of wine bought on the holiday – maybe €2.60 ex Lidl. It was how I remember it – rustic and a bit rough round the edges. My good wife scolded me for buying what she considered to be the cheapest and worst bottle of wine of the holiday. Your bottle seems to have mellowed through the aging process. But to be honest I should have followed my intuition and avoided it.


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