Feteasca Neagra the Black Maiden

Romania 4Recently I won a Twitter competition courtesy of premium wine estate Cramele Recas winning four bottles of Romanian wine. Now, If you’ve never tasted Romanian wine here’s an ideal opportunity to try some at a very affordable price.

The first bottle I opened was the Feteasca Neagra (Black Maiden) which is an old native variety originating in Moldova now grown in several areas in Romania.  I’ve since found out Asda are selling as part of their Wine Atlas Range at a reasonable £5.97.

Looking at the bottle, the label (as do all the Wine Atlas range) looks like an old travel poster and I couldn’t see any vintage marked anywhere.

When poured, what surprised me was how light the wine looked, as you can see in the picture, almost see though. Heady aromas of smoke, strawberries and dark plums with a vegetal thing going on in the background.

Feteasca NeagraOn first sip, very bright with mouth wateringly juiciness, quite light but with bags of flavour. The smokiness is still there along with the strawberries and plums. Slightly herby and savoury. Mild chalky tannins and when left in the glass for a while the fruitiness gets more intense, almost Grenache like.

I would have liked the finish to bit a bit longer and it does give an almost spritzy sour end. Overall though this was an affordable (even though I got mine free) introduction to Romanian wine and I must say an enjoyable one.

Three more to drink and if they are as good as this I’ll be happy. Big thanks to Cramele Recas for the prize and introducing me to Romanian wines, I will be investigating further. So I urge you all to take a trip to Asda look for their Wine Atlas range and stick this bottle in your basket, even if you’re not a big red wine drinker

7corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Asda £5.97