Taste the Difference Albarino 2014

WP_20151023_007Just back from a holiday in Majorca where my wife and I tasted a few glasses of wine sitting amongst the locals at the food markets in the Capital Palma, where we were served beautifully fresh seafood along with a glass of chilled, refreshingly dry Albarino.

Chilled Albarino with Sepia a La Plancha smothered in Garlic, a bowl of mixed fish with potatoes and fresh bread.

Scattered around the markets there were a lot of bars serving fresh food straight from the fish, meat and veg stalls. You did have to fight for a place as they were very popular but if you were patient you were well rewarded.

The food was fantastic, plentiful and the wine, well, I don’t think we paid more than 2 Euros a glass and none of it measured out, the wine was poured and the bottle left on the counter for when you wanted another glass, when you finished they asked you how many glasses you had and that was that. Brilliant !

AlbarinoTTDSainsbury’s Taste the Difference Rias Baixas Albarino 2014

Been back a few weeks now and last night for dinner we had pasta with squid and prawns. Deciding what to drink with it we settled for a bottle of Albarino, from Rias Baixas in the Galician region of Northern Spain, recently bought during Sainsbury’s 25% off six bottles promotion.

It turned out to be an inspired choice if I may say so, conjuring up memories of eating in the markets in Palma albeit sitting in the kitchen on a rainy November night.

It says crisp and refreshing on the bottle and that’s exactly what it is. The nose is grapefruit dominant with limes, nectarines and maybe a hint of peach.

Taste wise it’s crisp, zippy and very dry but with a bright acidity. Very citrusy, again with grapefruit lemons and limes.

Where this wine shines is when you pair it along side fish or any kind of seafood it just compliments wonderfully.

If you’ve not tried Albarino before you may be pleasantly surprised, it’s also a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.



My Rating 8/10 Corks

Sainsbury’s £8