el gordito – The little fat one

elgorditoSpain 14%

Strange name (translates to little fat or chubby one), pretty non descript label but far from a non descript wine, this is a silky smooth blend of Garnacha and Syrah from Calatayud in the south west region of Aragon in Spain.

I bought this from the Wine Society a few months ago but looking through their listing now it seems to have unfortunately disappeared, shame because this would have definitely been a repeat buy.

I love Garnacha (Grenache), I love its exuberent fruity flavour and this has fruit in abundance especially cherries, almost like those cherry fruit drop sweets I remember as a kid. There was a kind of sweet perfumed aroma on the nose and a subtle smokiness in the taste which i really found appealing.

The more sips taken the more I enjoyed this wine, it grows on you, mild tannins and a touch of that smoke from the French oak barrels really lift this wine into something really likeable. Bright, fresh, sour with a sweetish finish and very food friendly although I finished a glass after eating and probably enjoyed it more just savouring that smokey fruitiness.

This is a really good wine and was featured in Decanters top 50 wines under £20 and rightly so at around £9.99.

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Around £9.99