Chardonnay & Greco ??

With the weather this week taking a turn for the better many of us raid the fridge for a nicely chilled bottle of white.

This week I opened two that were very different, one very familiar and the other not so. The first was a French Chardonnay from Morrisons  reduced from £10 to £7 including a very fancy wooden box, the other from Sainsbury’s at £8 an unfamiliar Italian grape called Greco.

Starting with the Chardonnay from the Burgundy region of France which at £7 (reduced at time of buying) seemed like a bit of a bargain as most Burgundy comes with a hefty price tag. In the glass it was a darkish golden colour with aromas of lemon, pear melon and apricots. On first sip it seemed maybe a touch too sweet but had a nice rich texture with the apricots and pears to the fore and a nice creamy finish. Sampled this over a couple of days and I must say it was definitely better on day two.

Next the Greco which is a grape from the Campania region of southern Italy and if you haven’t tried it before and you like Sauvignon Blanc this may well be for you. From Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range it was a bright light straw colour, fairly muted aromas but there was some crisp red apples and lemon zest. Taste-wise, bright mouth-watering acidity and very refreshing with a touch of pear and a slight nutty almond aftertaste.

Both were nice and reasonably priced with a slight preference for the classy and bright tasting Greco Di Tufo.

Macon Aze Chardonnay, Morrisons £10 (on offer £7)

My Rating 7/10 Corks


Greco Di Tufo, Sainsbury’s £8

My Rating 8/10 Corks 


Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2011

LJBeaujolais (450 x 600)France 12.5%

A fan of Louis Jadot, not particularly a fan of Beaujolais. Gamay is one of the few grapes varieties I can not get to grips with, can’t put my finger on why I don’t like it, perhaps for me it’s too much of a straightforward and possibly underwhelming wine but at it’s reduced price of around £7 I thought  I’d give it another try.

Drank this with some slow cooked Pork Belly. Chilled it slightly and on first opening it smelt of cherries and maybe a little touch of strawberries. I sipped a little and found it a little thin tasting even a touch watery, although it kinda had an elegance about it.
Left it to air for about an hour and it definitely improved the cherries had a more juicy and succulent flavour with gentle food friendly acidity, a touch savoury with liquorice on the finish and very dry.

I did not dislike this wine, it’s from a good producer, from Burgundy and it tastes ok, although not enough to convert me but it did go really well with the food and my wife who’s not a big red wine drinker, really enjoyed it, a little left in the bottle for her to finish off, I be won’t fighting her for it.

As I said it’s OK and I can tell it’s well made but……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My rating 7/10 corks