Your wine friendly local Co op

Linda Mora MalbecThe local Co op, great if you need a quick loaf of bread, some milk or butter but what about a nice red, a chilled white or a celebratory fizz. It may not be everyone’s first stop when looking for a bottle of wine although judging on what I have bought recently maybe it should be.

I regularly use my local Co op for those forgotten essentials and I regularly find myself heading down their wine aisle. It’s not a big shop by any means but it does have a brilliant selection of wines, anything from a cheap midweek quaffer’s to premium fine wines.

The other day I popped in for a French stick and came out with an Argentinian Malbec. It was the strangely named ‘Linda Mora’ which sounds more like a singer songwriter. The multiple award stickers plastered over the bottom of the bottle may have swayed my choice but as it turned out it was inspired and at a reasonably priced £6.99 a bottle.

Vibrant cherry red colour in the glass with heady aromas of ripe, rich dark plums, raspberries vanilla and smoke. On first sip it was quite sweet bordering on being jammy with the dark plummy fruits dominant, there was a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. There were tannins but fairly mild and a lovely smokiness about it.

Maybe be a bit of a fruit bomb to some but I really enjoyed it with my burger and chips and for £6.99 I would say good value, they also had a Linda Mora Shiraz which I will be going back for at some time.

Coop wines1Check back to one of my previous posts about another couple of delicious Co op reds which I thoroughly enjoyed on the recommendation of Wine Writer Jamie Goode…Co op Double

So next time you need some butter or a loaf of bread and you have a Co op near you grab a bottle as well you may be pleasantly surprised.



My rating 7.5/10 corks