Marques de Riscal Finca Torrea 2007

finca torrea(450 x 600)Spain 14%

Roast lamb with all the trimmings, family round the table, empty glasses at the ready, what’s missing? Rioja of course. The bottle in question is the ‘Marques de Riscal Finca Torrea 2007’ a blend of Tempranillo & Graciano.

Forward planning is needed with this wine so letting it breathe for a few hours is probably a good idea. Initially straight out of bottle it was very aromatic, full of ripe cherries, strawberries, plums, slight earthy smell, vanilla everything you would expect from a Rioja. Taking a crafty sip after pulling the cork it tasted very spicy with intense fruit and quite a bit of oak.

After around three hours sitting in a decanter (the wine, not me) it had calmed down making this a very balanced drink with nothing dominating, the fruit was still there but the vanilla and spices had mellowed. Still retaining a slight dustiness. Not overly sweet, silky tannins, earthy, smokey but as i said all perfectly balanced to make this one hell of a Rioja.

Luckily for me I managed to find four bottles of this a little while back at the bargain price of £10.99 at our local Tesco Fine wine section, if there were more than four on the shelf I would snapped them up as this retails at around £20+. Even got a staff member to check in the store room for me but alas no more available.

As someone on TV says ‘Rioja doesn’t get better than this !’ well, maybe not quite right but it sounds better.

8.5corksMy Rating 8.5/10 Corks

Tesco online £21.99