Lidl beauty – Gran Reboreda 2015

reboreda1Popped into Lidl supermarket recently and picked up this unusual blend  from the Ribiero (Galicia) region which is situated in north west Spain.

The bottle caught my eye as it featured one of my favourite white grapes Godello although with this one it’s a small part of a blend with Treixadura which is the predominant grape around 80% (used mainly in the making of Portuguese Vinho Verde) also featuring is another lesser known grape Loureira.

This is a very tall elongated bottle which might be a problem if storing in the fridge upright, when poured it’s a very pale straw like colour with fairly muted aromas even after hovering with my nose stuck in the glass for a while it was hard to pick out anything apart from citrus fruits, mainly lemons, there was also a faint whiff of herbs and flowers.


The taste is where this wine shines, it’s very dry with a bright tangy lemon flavour, followed by what tasted like dried mixed herbs. Very fleshy weighty texture and a long satisfying finish.

As part of the new Lidl range this retails at £8.99 and on first tasting, in my opinion, worth every penny, I absolutely loved it, thoroughly recommend it  and even though I haven’t got a Lidl  local to me I will be making a trip to the nearest store to buy some more.

Unfortunately Lidl seem to change their wines pretty rapidly so I don’t know how long they will have this on the shelf but if you want to try something different I urge you to go out quickly and get some, hopefully you won’t be disappointed, top stuff !!

8.5corksMy rating 8.5/10 Corks

Lidl £8.99

Taste the Difference Albarino 2014

WP_20151023_007Just back from a holiday in Majorca where my wife and I tasted a few glasses of wine sitting amongst the locals at the food markets in the Capital Palma, where we were served beautifully fresh seafood along with a glass of chilled, refreshingly dry Albarino.

Chilled Albarino with Sepia a La Plancha smothered in Garlic, a bowl of mixed fish with potatoes and fresh bread.

Scattered around the markets there were a lot of bars serving fresh food straight from the fish, meat and veg stalls. You did have to fight for a place as they were very popular but if you were patient you were well rewarded.

The food was fantastic, plentiful and the wine, well, I don’t think we paid more than 2 Euros a glass and none of it measured out, the wine was poured and the bottle left on the counter for when you wanted another glass, when you finished they asked you how many glasses you had and that was that. Brilliant !

AlbarinoTTDSainsbury’s Taste the Difference Rias Baixas Albarino 2014

Been back a few weeks now and last night for dinner we had pasta with squid and prawns. Deciding what to drink with it we settled for a bottle of Albarino, from Rias Baixas in the Galician region of Northern Spain, recently bought during Sainsbury’s 25% off six bottles promotion.

It turned out to be an inspired choice if I may say so, conjuring up memories of eating in the markets in Palma albeit sitting in the kitchen on a rainy November night.

It says crisp and refreshing on the bottle and that’s exactly what it is. The nose is grapefruit dominant with limes, nectarines and maybe a hint of peach.

Taste wise it’s crisp, zippy and very dry but with a bright acidity. Very citrusy, again with grapefruit lemons and limes.

Where this wine shines is when you pair it along side fish or any kind of seafood it just compliments wonderfully.

If you’ve not tried Albarino before you may be pleasantly surprised, it’s also a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.



My Rating 8/10 Corks

Sainsbury’s £8


Godello – A wine everybody should try

GabaGodello(337 x 599)

Spain 13%

I was surprised the other day, maybe even shocked when my daughter Laura who is generally a Sauvignon Blanc drinker asked me if I had any Godello.

Now, Godello is a white wine I love, it’s probably one of my favourites but most people I mention it too have never heard of it hence my surprise when Laura asked if I had any, luckily I just happened to have a bottle which I stuck in the fridge for the next days planned barbecue.

For those who don’t know Godello (pronounced Go-dah-yo) it’s a Spanish grape varietal from the north-west Valdeorras region of Galicia and is slowly finding its way to this UK and onto a lot more supermarket shelves. This particular bottle is from the Wine Society The Gaba do Xil 2013 (Gaba Gaba Do, i hear you cry, sorry !).

Styles of Godello vary from unoaked minerally, zippy, tropical and citrus flavours to oaked which tend to be much more intense and vanillary but still retaining that tropical fruit flavour. The unoaked tend to be more readily available although I’m partial to the oakier ones.

So what’s it like, it’s certainly different, lots of things going on when you get your nose in the glass, initially it smells very floral with pears, melon, bananas, limes and maybe a hint of over ripe peaches in fact all the aromas of fruit seem to be overripe.

Taste wise It’s richly textured with a nice creamy, if not particularly long finish. Pears dominate but there are some tropical flavours of peaches and apricots. Although slightly creamy it does have a crispness about it and a stoney mineralty although with mild acidity.

I really enjoyed this, as did the family and if you haven’t tried Godello yet you should you may be pleasantly surprised.



My Rating 8/10 Corks

Wine Society around £8

Godello – The great white Spanish hope

Godelia 2012(450 x 600)I first discovered Godello when travelling in northern Spain a few years ago when we stopped at a bar in a sleepy town in the Bierzo region.

Sitting outside eating Octopus (Pulpo) with a plate of grilled peppers, olives and freshly baked bread. I asked what wines they recommend I was told to try a local white wine called Godello, having never heard of it I decided to take a chance and thank goodness I did as it is now probably my favourite wine white. The food was delicious and on an extremely hot day the chilled wine was the perfect pairing.

Since then I have sought out many Godello’s and found out that they do vary in style, the one I had at that bar was very Chardonnay like, intense , fleshy with peaches, pears and quiet oaky but I have had bottles that are non oaked, fresh, crisp, acidic, showing apples and slightly salty.

Godello Grape

The grapes shown here were apparantly nearly extinct back in the 70’s but they were brought back to life and rescued and now stand up there with the other popular fine whites of Spain.

This particular bottle I bought in Murcia in a small wine shop opposite the local food market. It was an Aladdin’s cave of wine with racks upon racks of bottles some covered in dust but I was searching for Godello and eventually came across a few bottles and took a chance with this Godelia which is predominately Godello 80% with 20% of a grape called Donna Blanca (used in making white Port).

Right what was this 2012 Godelia bottle like, well, this was very much like a Chardonnnay in style with a Pale golden colour with tropical aromas including ripe peaches and with  litttle flowery, perfumy notes.

The texture of this wine was rich and fleshy with a creamy like feel. very fruity with an intensness to go with it. Peaches were there but also crisp apples and pears in the background but what really comes through is a flowery taste making this an unusual but extremely enjoyable glass of wine.

As I said earlier Godello varies in style but if you haven’t tasted it or even heard of it, seek it out, whether it’s the Chardonnay almost Burgundian style or the non oaked fresher crispier style,  hopefully you won’t be dissapointed I know I’ve not been, not yet anyway.


My Rating 8.5/10 Corks

Bought in Spain, around £8 but there are lots of Godellos over here now

Finest Pazo Das Donas Godello 2012

Godellonew(450 x 600)Spain 13%

Up until a few years ago I hadn’t even heard of Godello never mind taste it, now it’s one of my favourites whites, a richly flavoured, aromatic, intense wine from North west Spain.

Although it is now becoming widely available it still isn’t instantly recognisable by a lot of wine drinkers and when mentioning it to friends I get a confused “never heard of it, where’s it from ?”. Well, it’s from the Galicia in Northern Spain, this particular bottle from the Monterrei region famous for aromatic whites. The ‘Pazo Das Donas’ Godello is a fairly new addition to the Tesco Finest range and I must say what a pretty good addition it is.

One bit of advice, don’t over chill this wine, I found the flavour and aroma fairly muted when too cold but once warmed up slightly it turns into a different beast, I say beast because this wine has attitude.

Pale straw like colour, smelling tropical with ripe peaches (on the second day, the ripeness of the fruit aromas intensified, a little baked apples and strangely ripe mature cheese, bit like Gorgonzola)

Quite dry and fresh tasting, ripe peaches, lemons, spiced apples with an extremely long and zippy finish. On the second day the flavours seem to intensify and I enjoyed it more again when not over chilled.

Summing up this is an enjoyable, different , intense and slightly Burgundian flavoured white wine.

Now you’ve heard the name, go on try a bottle !

7.5corksMy Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Tesco £7.99

Ondas Del Alma Godello & Vinahonda Crianza

Not quite Shakespeare but this is a ‘tale of two wines’ one from Galicia in north west Spain and the other from the Jumilla region on the southeast coast just north of Murcia.

godello coop(450 x 600)Firstly the Godello, I’m a big fan of this grape, almost extinct at one time now seems to be getting a reputation as being Spain’s ‘great white hope’ and in publisher and renowed wine expert Jancis Robinsons words “combines the structure of white burgundy with the finesse of a juicily mineral grape”. It also happens to be my current favourite Spanish white wine.
The Co Op have released their ‘Truly Irresistible’ range which includes this Godello Ondas del Alma 2012 which I bought on offer for £6.49.
Very, very pale looking in the glass with aromas of pear, peaches and cream.
Taste – Quite a creamy velvety taste, although still with a sharp, fresh acidic finish. Pears dominate with a hint of apples and peach. Great with food, cleansed the palate beautifully. Easy to drink, had this with some pork and mediterranean vegtables but it would probably suit fish dishes better. What I must point out is don’t chill this too much, initially I drank this far too cold, tasted much better when it warmed up a bit.

vinahonda2010(450 x 600)Next a wine I bought while browsing the duty free shop in Murcia airport. I’m not a great fan of airport duty free wine as there doesn’t seem to be as much of a saving, with a lot of the wines on show much cheaper if bought locally. Saying that this particular Vinahonda Crianza 2010 caught my eye and I decided to buy it at around 9 Euros. This is a blend of Monastrell , Cabrenet Sauvignon and Tempranillo.
Look & Nose – Bright ruby colour, intense complex aromas of fleshy rich cherries, spices, vanilla and chocolate. Taste – refined tannins, long finish, a little on the sweet side, Vanilla, smokey and a mild kick of spice.

Summing up, two pretty good wines, the Godello a little more easy to find here than the Vinahonda but if you are in the Murcia region of Spain the Monastrell is definitely worth checking out.

7.5corksTruly Irresistible Co Op Godello 2012

My Rating 8/10 Corks


8.5corksVinahonda Crianza 2010

My Rating 8.5/10 Corks