Finest Cotes de Gascogne 2013

cotesdegasgogne (450 x 600)France 11.5%

Always nice when freebies come along and this bottle of Cotes de Gascogne  was sent to me courtesy of Tesco last week for my humble thoughts. To tell you the truth I didn’t expect to like this but as it turned out I was pleasantly surprised. This is an unusual blend of Gros Manseng and Sauvignon Blanc which may not be to everyone’s taste but……..

After collecting it from my neighbour (I’m never in when a delivery arrives) I promptly put it in the fridge expecting to drink it sooner than later but as it turned out it spent the best part of a week between the butter and milk.

Finally, in the glass, which became instantly covered in condensation from a  week’s worth of chilling the golden straw like colour looked bright and refreshing, although faint, aromas of green crisp apples, pears, peaches and a hint of sour grapefruit, quite a pleasant nose.
Taste – Initially very dry, sharp and mouth watering and because it was very cold the flavour was quite subdued. What I did notice though was the finish stayed with you for some time.
Drank this finally with a simple meal of Haddock, potatoes and veg and I would have said it definitely needed food but as it warmed up in the glass it changed into a different wine altogether (my wife also agreed) much more intense flavour still sharp and tangy and still with an incredibly long finish.

Drink this with food, preferably fish,  don’t over chill and enjoy what is a perfectly acceptable and  enjoyable bottle of wine

7.5corksMy Rating 7.5/10 Corks

Tesco £7.99