Hawksburn Terrace – Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2010

How to get a £20 bottle of wine for £6.75, easy…………

1. Find a local Tesco store, look in their Fine Wine section.
2. Talk to wine guy, he tells you that he has case of discontinued stock to sell off.
3. Wait for the £8.99 discount label to be put on
4. Fill your basket with 6 botttles
5. Take to checkout
6. Claim your 25% discount for buying 6 bottles
7. Pay £40.50
8. Head out of store happy having just paid £6.75 a bottle.

hawksburn1(450 x 600)Now is it any good ? The bottle in question is a Pinot Noir from Central Otago in New Zealand, The Hawksburn Terrace single vineyard 2010.

When poured very light and translucent but with a lovely although quite gamey, earthy nose along with rich blackberries & cherries, slightly smokey.
Taste was on the sweetish side, good acidity with rich fruits but with a subtle touch of oak and soft tannins, little bit of black pepper spice thrown in as well.

Back to is it any good ? for me a resounding yes, elegant, rich, complex flavours, very fruit forward but perfectly balanced, a wine to be savoured and enjoyed, a wine worthy of its original price tag.

Still can’t believe I got it for £6.75 though,  still grinning !

8.5corksMy Rating 8.5/10 Corks

Various outlets around £20