Tesco Finest Sauvignon Blanc Furmint 2012

furmint1(450 x 600)Slovenia 12.5%

Slovenia ,  a small country in central Europe, it gained it’s independence from Yugoslavia back in 2004 and it now makes a pretty lively , racey little number  ’Sauvignon Blanc  Furmint’  which  is now part of the new Tesco Finest range.

Furmint is a white Hungarian grape used to make Tokaji  and in this collaboration with Sauvignon Blanc it makes for a tongue tingling, refreshing, very good but very different white wine.

Doesn’t stand out on the shelves in it’s small stumpy like bottle with a fairly bland label but it definitely stands out swirling about  in your mouth.  In the glass it has a greenish silvery look, aroma’s of citrusy fruits lime, bitter orange and crisp green apples, with a whiff of aromatic peach.

Taste –  on first sip ifurmint2(450 x 600)t was  lively and very refreshing ,  full of bitter fruits, lemon, limes, oranges and apples.  The traditional Sauvignon Blanc taste although there was hard to pick out and you would be hard pressed to know it had any at all.  This is a fairly dry wine  but with an almost spritzy  and slightly spicy finish.

This will be a big hit in the summer, chilled, very easy to drink, perhaps a little too easy as I noticed half way through our meal of Sea Bass and prawns that the bottle was suddenly three quarters empty.  My wife who loves Sauvignon Blanc found it a bit too different and I had to end up finishing her glass, shame !