Le Pallet – Muscadet-sèvre Et Maine,2009

LePallet MuscadetWhen a wine is made in a Cru Village ‘Le Pallet’ in  France’s  Loire valley and has a Decanter Gold Medal ‘Best in Show’ sticker on it, there’s a good chance it’s going to be pretty good and that’s exactly what this turned out to be, a pretty decent bottle of wine.

Muscadet, made with the slightly less well known ‘Melon de Bourgogne’ grape is not everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of wine), it’s quite sharp and in this case very dry but it just tastes amazingly fresh and clean

I first sampled this at my local ‘Majestic’ wine store at one of their always enjoyable tasting evenings and it was by far the best white wine of the night.

Nice clear straw like colour but with restrained aromas even after vigorous swirling, however, there was a little pear, melon and a nuttiness about it.

On first taste, this is clean, crisp and bone dry. There wasn’t a lot of flavours going on but I loved the vibrant freshness and it had a beautiful minerality about it, like pebbles in a mountain stream. This is partially oaked and you can taste it and along with a slightly creamy texture. Not much in the way of fruit coming through although there is a hint of lemon peel, toffe apple and it finishes with a little salty tang.

Perhaps not to everyones taste but I loved the simple fresh crispness of this wine. Great with seafood of any kind, I had this with fish & chips and it paired brilliantly refreshing the pallet after every mouthful. If you haven’t tried Muscadet give it a go, especially if you enjoy dry crisp wines and I would definitely recommend this.

Le Pallet Muscadet is a MUST-A-BUY !

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

Majestic £9.99 on Multibuy


Tesco Finest Chateau Palatio Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie – 2012

Muscadet (450 x 600)France 12%

Fancy an extremely light, steely , crisp and dry (not the oil) white then this Muscadet made with the Melon de Bourgogne grape from the Loire valley probably fits the bill.

In the glass it looked clean, fresh and very pale, for me though what let it down slightly is the lack of any real aroma. After vigorous swirling there was what I could describe as a gentle waft of sea breeze blowing over an apple orchard.

Taking that first sip you realise how dry this is, It’s  very sharp and crisp like biting into a under ripe Granny Smith apple, it’s minerally, acidic and has a stony quality finishing off with a touch of lemon juice.

To sum up, for me,  this was an ok wine if you want something  dry, refreshing and tangy, it would certainly fit the bill chilled with seafood on a hot summers day,  doesn’t quite have the same affect on a cold rainy January evening.


My Rating 7/10 Corks          Tesco £7.49