Cepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva 2010

cepa Lebrel

Spain 13.5%

There is a lot of Rioja out there and finding a half decent cheap bottle is pretty hard although this Cepa Lebrel 2010 may well be the answer. It’s from Lidl’s who, in my opinion and from what I have tasted so far have a pretty good selection of cheap wines this one, which is also a Reserva, is around £5, very good value I’d say.

Not overly complicated but this looks, smells and tastes like a Rioja twice the price. Lovely garnet like colour with a rusty like tinge to the edge, smells aged, plenty of ripe mushy strawberries, slightly smokey and for me a Rioja must have a candle wax like aroma and this did, like sitting in an old church.

This is oaky perhaps a little too much for some but it did show some juicy fruit and acidity, full of strawberries, cherries with fairly mild tannins. My wife who tends to like white wines, not so much reds, is my monitor and usually tells it as it, pulling that face if she doesn’t like it but she did finish the glass which she doesn’t always do with red wine.

Don’t get me wrong there are far better Riojas out there but perhaps not many better at this price, it’s a fiver after all and it actually tastes like a good old-fashioned, old world Rioja.



My Rating 7/10 Corks



Lagunilla Rioja Reserva 2008

Lagunilla (450 x 600)Spain 13%

Sitting in a local bar in a hot Spanish town eating tapas with soft flamenco music and the sound of stomping feet in the background or at the kitchen table in a rain soaked and windy UK. Opening a Rioja for me, is always joy, whether it be a traditional  bottle, aged typically in American oak barrels or a modern style Rioja with its richer deeper colour and fruitier style and time in subtler French barrels.  This Lagunilla Reserva 2008 (80% Tempranillo 20% Ganacha)is more the traditional style made in the higher Alta region of Rioja and for the price is remarkably good.

Aromas of ripe cherries, strawberries, candle wax, spice, vanilla. Taste wise full of velvety ripe dark berries, quite meaty and savoury tasting , smoke, leather, wood and vanilla, everything you would want in a Spanish Rioja.

Nothing to dislike about this, reasonably priced around £6-£7 a bottle, great taste on its own or with food, even on day two it still tasted pretty good.  So, an ‘all round excellent bottle of wine’ I hear you say, ‘most definitely ‘ is my reply.


My Rating 8/10 Corks

Various from around £6 – £7