Stobi Vranec 2011

stobi vranec(450 x 600)Macedonia 14.5%

Steak and chips for dinner, so you pop down to the local wine shop to pick up a nice bottle to complement the meal. Hands up how many of you would come back with a wine from Macedonia made with the indigenous grape Vranec (pronounced Vranesh).

The wine in question is the ‘Stobi Vranec 2011’ from the Tikves region of Macedonia. Not for the fainthearted, this is a rich, medium full bodied wine that packs a powerful punch and at 14.5%, so after a couple of glasses be careful as you leave the dinner table.

I actually gave this about an hour or so of air before drinking and I think it needed it. This was Inky black in the glass and after a quick swirl the wine coated the glass producing intense legs. Aromas of fleshy ripe blackberries and plums with an earthy spiciness lurking in the background. On first sip it was bursting with that fleshy plum and blackberry fruit with a pronounced liqourice, rich coffee and dark chocolate flavour. Still had an earthy qaulity verging on the tart side with a little sweetness counteracting it and a pretty good lengthy finish.

I first tasted this about a year ago at a ‘Wine Gang’ tasting and it was one of my favourites on the day. As I mentioned earlier this is a powerhouse of a wine, really good with food, it would be great with casseroles, Barbecues and as I did, a nice steak.

For me this was really enjoyable but I do stress go easy, sit back (definitely a sitting down wine) and savour this Eastern European beauty.

Looking forward to trying more Stobi wines !

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

The Wine Rack £9.99

Tikves 2012, Vranec & Merlot – Macedonia

TIKVES(450 x 600)Macedonian wine, not everyone’s first choice when browsing the shelves looking for a red wine to go with dinner but do yourself a favour and grab a bottle that mentions the Vranec grape.

I first tasted Vranec a few months ago and thought it was excellent , I’ve now revisited the grape and my thoughts are still that it’s a very decent drink. Vranec is the native red grape of Macedonia and it produces very dark rich full bodied wines.

This particular wine from M&S is called Tikves (most well known wine region in Macedonia). This is a blend of Vranec and Merlot and for £8.99 is well worth a try.
When poured the wine is strikingly deep purple in colour with aromas of ripe plums, blackcurrants, prunes and rich dark chocolate.

Taste – Not for the faint hearted, rich, velvety, bitter sweet jam and fairly tannic (for me pretty much what I like in a wine). It also boasts 14% alcohol but doesn’t feel like it (which can be a good or bad thing) because a lot of the bottle can disappear quickly without realising.

For me, Vranec will definitely feature a lot in my wine rack, so treat yourself and try this Balkan beauty, you may be pleasantly surprised.

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

M&S £8.99