Legaris Roble Ribera Del Duero 2012

legaris2Spain 13.5%

Again, back to my beloved Spain for the next wine, this time it’s the Legaris Roble 2012 from the Ribera Del Duero region, home to the iconic Vega Sicilia. Doesn’t actually say on the bottle but I assume it’s made from 100% Tinto Fino otherwise known as Tempranillo.

This is a traditional old world style wine, pretty dark coloured with deep purple and violet tones. Strong aromas of dark ripe redcurrants, a little strawberry, hint of smokey Vanilla and what smelt like church incense and candle wax.

Opened this for a couple of hours before serving but took a sneaky sip straight after opening as you do and it would have been fine to drink straight away. Initially you get a big mouthful of dark red fruits along with a touch of spice, a little vanillary oak from the 3 months spent in American barrels but subtle and not overpowering. Toasty with noticeable tannins, rich, brooding, quite dry and very Spanish in flavour.

I enjoyed this (as did all the family) with a brilliant roasted leg of lamb lunch but I would quite happily drink this on its own and allow myself to be transported to a sleepy Spanish bar, church bells ringing with faint echoes of Flamenco music in the air.

Lovely stuff !

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

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Stobi Vranec 2011

stobi vranec(450 x 600)Macedonia 14.5%

Steak and chips for dinner, so you pop down to the local wine shop to pick up a nice bottle to complement the meal. Hands up how many of you would come back with a wine from Macedonia made with the indigenous grape Vranec (pronounced Vranesh).

The wine in question is the ‘Stobi Vranec 2011’ from the Tikves region of Macedonia. Not for the fainthearted, this is a rich, medium full bodied wine that packs a powerful punch and at 14.5%, so after a couple of glasses be careful as you leave the dinner table.

I actually gave this about an hour or so of air before drinking and I think it needed it. This was Inky black in the glass and after a quick swirl the wine coated the glass producing intense legs. Aromas of fleshy ripe blackberries and plums with an earthy spiciness lurking in the background. On first sip it was bursting with that fleshy plum and blackberry fruit with a pronounced liqourice, rich coffee and dark chocolate flavour. Still had an earthy qaulity verging on the tart side with a little sweetness counteracting it and a pretty good lengthy finish.

I first tasted this about a year ago at a ‘Wine Gang’ tasting and it was one of my favourites on the day. As I mentioned earlier this is a powerhouse of a wine, really good with food, it would be great with casseroles, Barbecues and as I did, a nice steak.

For me this was really enjoyable but I do stress go easy, sit back (definitely a sitting down wine) and savour this Eastern European beauty.

Looking forward to trying more Stobi wines !

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

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Fronteira Douro 2011

Fronteira duoro(450 x 600)Portugal 14.5%

Took a bit of a chance on this and as Yoda would say ‘Paid off, it did’  the Fronteira Douro 2011 a blend of Touriga Nacional (always remind s me of a wildlife park, don’t ask me why?) Toriga Franca and Tinta Roriz.

Bought this from the Wine Rack chain , first time for me and what a splendid looking wine shop it was too, a virtual Aladdin’s cave but was it a splendid wine? the answer most definitely, a resounding yes.

In the glass it looked like someone accidentally tipped a bottle of ink into it, very dark in colour with aromas of cherries, raspberries, a little mocha and some kind of herby thing going on.

Taking a sip, this was very mouth-wateringly juicy with rich cherries dominating then liquorice and coffee take over, a little oaky with chewy tannins and ending in a long finish. Be warned though this is 14.5% but to me it didn’t feel heavy or overly alcoholic.

Big thumbs up for this particular bottle and Douro in general, always enjoy every time I drink it.

8corksMy Rating 8/10 Corks

The Wine Rack £8.49