Will the last person to leave please drink up and turn the lights out !


As from Friday 28th August 2015 the Tesco Wine Community which I have been a part of for the last four years is shutting down. This was out of the blue and a complete surprise to us all and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tesco Wine team past and present for making it such a great forum to be involved with.

TWC1Without this Community I would never have met fellow Oenophiles, a lot of them now good friends, I would never have got to taste so many fantastic wines, attend events and share dinner with renowned wine makers from around the world, including Casillero del Diablo’s Marcelo Papa, Brancott Estate’s Patrick Materman, Jacob’s Creek Rebekah Richardson and Yalumba’s Louisa Rose to name a few.

So with some sadness after Friday the 28th I will be deleting the Tesco Wine Community page on this site, it’s been a rollercoaster four years but an enjoyable one and I wish Tesco the best of luck for the future in these cutthroat times for supermarkets.

I’m sure wines from Tesco will appear on here again at some point as I scour the supermarket shelves looking for great value buys.

On a lighter note I would heartily recommend a Rioja from the Tesco Finest Range that has remained aTWC3 favourite of mine from the early day of the community when I first tasted it and I for one will continue to buy it, it’s the Tesco Finest Vina Mara Reserva Rioja made by the excellent Baron de Ley, In my opinion this is one of the best sub £10 Rioja’s out there. Next time I open a bottle I will toast the Tesco Wine Community,    RIP !


Raising a glass to all

felizanonuevoJust a short thank you to everyone who is currently reading or has already read my humble attempts at describing this wonderful liquid we all enjoy.

A new year is fast approaching and that means another year of drinking, tasting and writing about wine.

I know perfectly well that I’m no expert and I know there are thousands of wine bloggers/writers out there far more interesting and knowledgeable than me but the most important thing for me is I enjoy drinking wine and I love to share my thoughts with you as honestly as I can whether the wine is good, bad or indifferent.

To winos everywhere, thank you again and have a happy, healthy New year and lastly get out there and drink more (responsibly of course), think about what you’re drinking or more importantly buying, there’s so much good stuff to enjoy.

Salud !