Wine Books

Knackered Mothers Wine Club by Helen McGinn

kanckmother(338 x 600)Great book adapted from Helen’s equally great blog of the same title

Although not a Knackered mother I have been a ‘Frantic Father’ and can empathize with a lot of what Helen Writes about. I managed to read this book almost in one sitting but it can just be picked up and read a few pages at a time.

Advice for the novice or occasional drinker but also enough in it to satisfy even seasoned wine drinkers, I know I picked up a few tips. Easy read and at times very amusing.

Highly Recommended

Educating Peter by Lettie Teague

edpeter(338 x 600)Lettie Teague is the wine editor for the Food & Wine magazine in the USA. Peter (Travers) is the movie critic for Rolling Stone and he knows almost nothing about wine. This is the basis for the story in which Lettie takes Peter on a wine education and tries to expand his knowledge from his passion for  fatty Chardonnay’s. It’s basically a buddy story with wine references and a lot of film industry name dropping. Overall this is a fun read with a few interesting and practical tips, I’m not sure all the wine facts are believable but i still enjoyed Peters journey. Not a bad read.

Is this Bottle Corked? by Kathleen Burk & Michael Bywater

bottlecorked(338 x 600)A book full of wine facts and anecdotes, it’s like a history lesson using wine as backdrops. It asks questions like what was Falstaff drinking when he called for more sack? What did they actually drink at Plato’s Symposium? When is rot ‘noble’? Did Clarence really drown in a butt of Malmsey? Why on earth do wine connoisseurs talk like that?
A great book to pick up read a few pages at a time.

Very enjoyable, if you like history and wine then this is for you.

Passion on the Vine by Sergio Esposito

This is the memoirs of the authors move from Italy to the US, passionvine(338 x 600)where his love for wine and food inspired him to open up Esposito’s Italian Wine Merchant store in Manhattan and is now one of the leading Italian wine consultants.
This is a brilliant story of a hard working Italian boy and his early hard times which forced his family to move to the US to live in Albany with a relative. He discovers a passion for wine at a very young age. He moves to NYC, works in the famed San Domenico restaurant before becoming a wine consultant, eventually he meets Batali and Bastianich and soon after, Italian Wine Merchants was born.

Inspiring read!

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